Microsoft announces multi-year strategic partnership with GameStop.

Microsoft has just announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with GameStop for many years. It is reported that the partnership aims to advance GameStop’s pillar business while expanding the across the digital ecosystem. For GameStop, the deal allows it to do business with Microsoft’s cloud-based application and data platform, covering finance, inventory, e-commerce, retail, and point-of-sale.

Microsoft announces multi-year strategic partnership with GameStop.

(From: Microsoft)

GameStop says store employees will be able to access 3D insights about customer preferences and purchase history, as well as real-time information about product availability, subscriptions, pricing, and promotions to deliver differentiated and personalized in-store customer experiences.

In the meantime, GameStop will begin selling Xbox All Access. The new collaboration benefits every gamer in the Xbox ecosystem in the long run, such as a 24-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate experience for buyers of new consoles.

In addition, GameStop in-store employees can collaborate with Surface devices, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams services to transform the in-store experience and make the retail business shine.