Musk: Tesla’s Berlin supersty will use 4680 batteries.

After revealing on social media at the end of September that the 4680 battery had been tested months earlier, Tesla CEO Musk revealed that the new battery would be used in electric cars made at the Berlin supersty. As with the 4680 battery, which began real-world testing a few months ago, the electric car produced at the Berlin superstring will use the model, musk revealed on social media.

One fan asked Musk on social media what kind of batteries the electric car produced at the Berlin superstring would use, 2170 or 4680. Musk later replied that the Berlin supersty would use 4680 batteries.

The 4680 battery was launched by Tesla on Battery Day on September 22. The new 4680 battery size is larger, but can reduce the cost of the battery, improve the range of electric vehicles, 4680 battery length of 80 mm, energy density increased by 500%, output power can be increased by 600%, range increased by 16%, cost reduction of 14%.

Responding to the fan’s question, Musk also revealed that the Berlin supersty will have a number of new technologies, in addition to batteries, structural battery packs, single castings and new paint systems.

Musk: Tesla's Berlin supersty will use 4680 batteries.

Tesla Berlin SuperString.

In his response, however, Musk also noted that the large number of new technologies used in berlin’s super-factories meant significant production risks could arise.

Once the new technology is proven at the Berlin superstring, it will be used at other Tesla plants. Musk said in his response that the Fremont and Shanghai super-factories will be adopted within two years when the new technology is validated.

Tesla’s superstell in Berlin, announced in November, is currently under construction and production of model Y is scheduled to begin delivery in 2021.