Samsung reveals its new NVMe SSD will be used for new consoles in 2020

Samsung hinted that its own products may be used in the PS5 console “game innovation change” SSD. As described in The PlayStation 5’s first detailed article, the new generation of PlayStation consoles, which will be available in 2020, will significantly reduce load times compared to the PS4 Pro, thanks to a new SSD that is said to have more bandwidth than any drive on a current PC.

Samsung reveals its new NVMe SSD will be used for new consoles in 2020

Sony even positioned the PS5 as “the world’s fastest host” in a recent job advertisement.

At the Samsung SSD forum in Tokyo this month, the technology company revealed that it was developing a new NVMe (non-volatile memory host controller interface specification) SSD that will be used on a host that will be launched in 2020. Next to it is a picture with the PlayStation Dualshocker handle.

Samsung says its SSD will usher in a new era for game consoles, with more than a third less load times when games are loaded or hardware starts.

Samsung reveals its new NVMe SSD will be used for new consoles in 2020

In May, Sony played a video comparing the loading times of the PS4 game “Marvel Spider-Man” running on both the PS4 Pro and next-generation PlayStation hardware. It takes 8 seconds to load on the PS4 Pro, and less than 1 second on the next generation of PlayStation consoles.

In April, MARK Cerny, the designer of the PS5, said the console’s SSD would be a “real game changer”. This, he argues, is “the key to the next generation” compared to other features.

However, executives at Remedy Studios, the developer of Control, said the speed advantage of the PS5 SSD could be offset if the PS5 game started using more data, or if the developer did not optimize for sSD.

Mika Vehkala, technical director, told OPM that the situation could be similar to CPU or GPU improvements in previous host transitions, where developers need to choose between faster frame rates and more detailed details.

“You can make the game run faster, or you can add more detail and then run at 30fps; usually the developer chooses the latter,” he says.

“If the game stays the same in size and visual quality (and this generation), the load time will hardly be noticed, and restarting levels in PS5 games is almost instantaneous.”

“However, since more data can now be used to play games, there are situations where more data is required to be loaded, resulting in more data being loaded, resulting in new works that take about the same amount of time as they are now.” ”

Microsoft also announced in June that the next-generation Xbox, Project Scarlett, will be available in the 2020 holiday season along with Halo: Infinity. Scarlett will also deploy SSDs as a drive.

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