Sony Releases Third Generation “Optical Drive”: 5.5TB of Data in a Single Box for 100 Years

Do you have any important data you want to keep? If you need a backup with a large capacity, fast speed and long shelf life, try Sony’s recently released third-generation “optical drive”, which has a single box capacity of 5.5TB and can hold data for 100 years.

The “optical drive” is ready for the Optical Archive Drive, which aims to preserve important data over time, and Sony’s commitment is to ensure 100 years of constant stability, excellent stability, and insensitivity to temperature, humidity, water, electrical, gray and electromagnetic environments.

The second advantage is the large, highest capacity ODC-5500R up to 5.5TB, which actually has 11 discs, developed by Sony in cooperation with Panasonic, a single 500GB.

In addition, there are 3.3TB, 1.5TB, 1.2TB, 600GB and other capacity options, of which 5.5TB and 3.3TB are one-time writes.

In addition to the high-capacity cartridge, the drive itself has ODS-D380F, ODS-D380U two versions, the main difference is the use of different transmission interface, the former is fiber optic cable, the latter is USB 3.2 Gen2 interface, read speed is 3Gbps, write speed is 1.5Gbps, calculated is 375MB/s reading, 187.5MB/s write, this performance than the general hard disk and SD.

Sony ODS-D380F, ODS-D380U drive and ODC-5500R disk will be available in January next year, the official price has not been announced, but Sony’s previous generation of ODS-D280U recommended price is 1.2 million yen, about 77,000 yuan, which does not include tax.

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