Microsoft Updates Windows 10 v1903/v1903 CPU Requirements: Tenth Generation Core Listed

Windows 10 v1909, which is available for november 2019, is expected to be available by November 12 that, and preparations are almost ready. For user deployment, Microsoft also released the need for Windows 10 v1909 CPU processors, while updating the previous version of Windows 10 v1903, not surprisingly the exact same.

After all, v1909 is essentially an extended version of v1903, focused on performance and stability improvements, and does not involve much functional ity changes, more like a large cumulative update. This is the first time in the history of Windows 10, and will be updated every second half of the year.

Windows 10 v1903/v1909 CPU processors are divided into Intel, AMD, Qualcomm three platforms, including the first time on the Intel platform to add a new tenth generation of Core, including 10nm Ice Lake, 14nm Comet Lake Core i3/i5/i7/ the i8-10xxx series (i9 is not out in the tenth generation), while supporting Pentium, Celeron, Atom (J40xx/J50xx/N50xx/N50xx), Xeon E-22xx series.

AMD platform support to the seventh generation APU series (Ax-9xxx/Ex-9xxx/FX-9xxx), Speed Dragon 2xx series, Rylong 3/5/7 3xxx series, Dragon, Dragon 7xxx series.

Qualcomm platform is relatively simple, only FOR PC notebook-oriented Dragon 850, Dragon 8cx.

It is worth mentioning that The XE22xx series, Dragon, Dragon 7xxx series is only available for Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise Support.

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