Tesla pickups are better than Ford? Ford’s furious: a fair game

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CHIEF executive, was rebuffed by Ford after calling the company’s pickup truck “a better truck than the F-150,” the company said in the early hours of November 26. Tesla announced last week that it plans to begin delivery in the second half of 2021, and revealed a range of specifications.

Tesla pickups are better than Ford? Ford's furious: a fair game

Musk also released a video of a tug-of-war with Ford’s best-selling F-150 pickup, with a test clip showing Cybertruck pulling a full-powered Ford F-150 up a hill.

Tesla pickups are better than Ford? Ford's furious: a fair game

Ford doesn’t think Musk’s comparison is fair, as the Tesla CEO’s video on Twitter appears to show the F-150’s two-wheel drive version competing with the all-wheel drive version of the drive-driven Cybertruck. Other details that could have led to Cybertruck’s success include the preparation quality and tire type.

Sundeep Madra, Ford’s vice president for the development of the new business model, challenged Musk on Monday to send a Cybertruck to Ford, where he will have a fair race. He also posted a link to a post on autoenthusiast website motor1.com questioning whether Tesla’s testing was “fair competition.”

Tesla and Ford have had a fight before. More than a year after Musk boasted on Twitter about how much weight a Tesla truck can drag, Ford released a video showing the electric F-150 prototype dragging more than a million pounds of double-decker rail cars.

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