Market research shows there is a clear “geographic divide” in the Public’s assessment of Cybertruck

Tesla released its electric pickup Cybertruck a few days ago, according tomedia reports. Because of its rather unique design, Cybertruck is known as the “Beast Pie” vehicle. The Italian design publication Domusweb describes the design as a deliberate provocation against “conservative citizens who use American pickups and who do not live in a culturally sheltered East-West bubble”.

While this may sound exaggerated, it may in some extent reflect the way truck-loving Americans accept the design. The new Cybertruck Market research, commissioned by auto supplier, based on an emotional analysis of geotagged tweets, found a clear geographic divide between those who like the pickup in the United States and those who hate it.

The market research used 100,000 geotagged tweets with the hashtag “I hate it,” “I like it” or “I hate design” or “I like design,” and terms like “ugly” or “awesome.”

In 19 states, most people like Cybertruck electric pickups;

Cybertruck market research also seems to show a classic divide, with Americans on the West Coast and Northeast generally saying they like the design, which is generally not. Of course, Cybertruck’s design has also been blamed for many practical issues, such as the lack of a flat roof, which prevents it from being the best vehicle for everyday use.

Tesla’s electric pickup Cybertruck has now reached 200,000, with orders worth more than $10 billion.

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