Google releases new promotional video: highlights Google Assistant’s environmental model

Today Google released a new video highlighting Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode. This mode allows mobile devices to transform into smart screens that display notifications or control smart appliances. Google Assistant’s environmental mode is only enabled if mobile devices such as mobile phones/tablets are charging on a charger and are not worried about battery consumption.

Google releases new promotional video: highlights Google Assistant's environmental model

At the IFA 2019 show, Google announced the first four models to support the feature, Lenovo’s Smart Tab M8 HD and Yoga Smart Tab, and Nokia’s Nokia 7.2 and 6.2 new models. The most special of the four is the Yoga Smart Tab, which starts on charging, and the Yoga Smart Tab, which is enabled when the scaffold is turned on.

According to the XDA-Developers website earlier this month, users have reported that nokia 6.1, the Red Meter K20 Pro and POCOPhone F1 and other models have also obtained the model. It is reported that environment mode appears as an option in Google’s Settings Assistant options, along with “personalized recommendations” and “personalized results on the lock screen.” Users report a notification that alerts them to the new feature and encourages them to set it up.

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