Microsoft Edge 86 is now available for download.

Microsoft has released a new version of Edge to Stable Channel, and as expected, the logbook of changes on all supported platforms is huge. One of the most important improvements is the rollback feature, which allows users to go back to previous versions of Microsoft Edge if something goes wrong. This is similar to the rollback feature in Windows 10, so users can launch it to simply revert to a known good version of the browser.

Microsoft Edge 86 is now available for download.

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Microsoft then added an improvement to the IE model. IE mode allows developers to load their sites in Internet Explorer without leaving Microsoft Edge, and many companies are still relying on apps built for Internet Explorer that don’t work in modern browsers, so IE mode lets users migrate to new versions of Microsoft Edge without worry.

The download manager bundled with Microsoft Edge has also been updated because users can now remove downloads from disk directly from the browser.

Starting with Microsoft Edge 86, HTML5 app cache APIs will no longer be supported, and traditional app cache APIs that can use web pages offline will be removed from Microsoft Edge.

Several PDF support updates are part of this new release. Starting with Edge 86, the user can circle the text in the PDF document using the pen support, and the browser provides the user with a directory. In other words, you can now easily browse documents when providing catalogs, and this feature is available on all supported platforms.

Microsoft says it has also improved PDF scrolling in long documents, and it also allows users whose devices have small-screen capabilities to access all PDF features.

One of the big changes in Edge 86 involves cookies, as they will now default to SameSite-Lax.

“This means that cookies are sent only in the context of the first party, and requests sent to third parties are omitted.” This change may affect the compatibility of websites that require cookies from third-party resources to function properly. Microsoft explains: “To allow such cookies, Web developers can tag cookies that should be set from third-party contexts and sent to third-party contexts by adding explicit SameSite-none and Secure properties when cookie settings are set.”

The new Edge 86 is available today on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and macOS. Microsoft is also developing a Linux version of the browser, which is expected to be available in the coming months.