Musicians demand Amazon remove its personal music in protest against ties to ICE

A group of musicians and activists are calling for more musicians to withdraw their music from Amazon’s music streaming service — unless Amazon ends its partnership with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE),media reported. The group, called No Music For ICE, was founded last month with the support of the nonprofit fight For The Future, which initially asked musicians to sign a vow to boycott Amazon’s sponsorship of its shows.

Musicians demand Amazon remove its personal music in protest against ties to ICE

Now, in a new letter, No Music For ICE is calling on musicians to take a step further, removing their music from Amazon’s streaming service starting with Black Five, a protest that will continue into the holiday shopping and travel season. Usually, music sales are at a peak at that time.

No Music For ICE has filed four demands on Amazon: ending existing contracts with ICE and other government agencies deemed to be human rights violations; refusal to engage with these institutions in the future.

Although Amazon does not have a direct agreement with ICE, it does have an agreement with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Amazon AWS has a DHS database, which tracks immigrants.

Musicians such as Atmosphere of Montreal, YACHT, Zola Jesus, Deerhoof, The Black Madonna and others have signed the original petition for Fight For Future. That is, boycott ingress with activities sponsored by the company. Musicians such as Downtown Boys and Remember Sports have gone to Amazon to remove their music, according to Fight For Future.

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