Microsoft’s game director says Xbox Cloud Games will definitely be available on the iOS platform.

Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s vice president of gaming, has told employees that the company still plans to bring Game Pass streaming to iPhones and iPads, Business Insider reported. Project xCloud, microsoft’s Game Pass cloud streaming service, will complement Microsoft’s console hardware and give players more choices about how and where to play.

The streaming service is bundled as part of an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription for $14.99 a month, with more than 100 games to choose from. Despite extensive testing on iOS via TestFlight, xCloud’s launch on iOS was postponed indefinitely in August.

Apple’s App Store rules mean that Microsoft cannot stream multiple games from the cloud through one app because Apple believes it cannot review each game in the service library for potential security risks. Under Apple’s rules, each game can be used as its own app, and streaming is possible.

However, Microsoft appears to have re-established its intention to have Xbox cloud streaming streaming on Apple devices using a workable approach that circumvents app Store rules. “We’re definitely going to bring the service to the iOS platform,” Spencer told Microsoft employees, according to Business Insider sources. Microsoft is reportedly aiming to release a direct browser-based solution in 2021 to bypass Apple’s App Store restrictions and reach a significant number of potential customers.

Late last month, Microsoft began publicly testing a new version of the Xbox app that allows Xbox users to play remotely using WiFi streaming on iPhones and iPads.

Microsoft's game director says Xbox Cloud Games will definitely be available on the iOS platform.