Windows 10 2020 October update features are introduced.

Later this month, Windows 10 20H2 (2020 October Update) will meet with a wide range of users as an optional feature update. In addition to general performance and quality improvements, Microsoft has introduced new features and subtle changes in this update to improve the user experience while preparing for subsequent pushes.

Windows 10 2020 October update features are introduced.

From a visual point of view, you’ll first notice UI improvements to the Start menu, but most of the other changes are still at the bottom of the system that you can’t see.

As Windows Latest reported last month, Microsoft is committed to making Windows 10’s next feature update faster to install.

In the case of systems equipped with SSDs, Windows 10 can even complete upgrades from the May Update (20H1) to the October Update (20H2) in just a few minutes.

If you already have a cumulative update for August 2020 installed, you only need an 80MB patch to enable 20H2, as the underlying feature code is already included in Version 2004.

Windows 10 2020 October update features are introduced.

If your Internet connection is fast and stable enough, it can obviously be downloaded in less than a minute. After the restart, you’ll be able to start a new experience with Windows 10 20H2.

For installation, the system is configured high enough (with an SSD SSD) to even be completed in less than 2 minutes. In the case of an HDD mechanical hard drive, it takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes.

It’s important to note that if you’re still stuck with Windows 10 1909 /1903, you’ll need to download the 4GB full-featured update required for the 20H2 update, which will obviously take longer to install.

Windows 10 2020 October update features are introduced.

As for the changes that everyone is concerned about, the Windows 10 20H2 update didn’t introduce much surface change, except for the big changes to the Start menu (live tiles) explicitly mentioned by Microsoft in the change log. As the screenshot shows, Microsoft is introducing theme-aware background blocks to windows 10’s Start menu to better fit into the bright/dark global theme.

In terms of setting up apps, Windows 10 20H2 removed System from Control Panel and improved the About page.

However, the setup app still comes with a link to the older utility and a new button so that users can copy information from the Specifications section so they can share and communicate with friends or technical support.

Windows 10 2020 October update features are introduced.

On the taskbar side, when you configure a new account or device, you’ll find the default taskbar layout that already has a more refreshing/personalized hands-on experience.

For example, if you use Office and Your Phone applications frequently, Microsoft can automatically pin icons of these commonly used software to the taskbar when you configure a new account.

Windows 10’s “Alt plus Tab” multitasth tab feature has also been updated, with support for Edge browser multi-tabs officially introduced in 20H2.

Users can choose to display 3 to 5 site tabs when multitasing, or stick to the classic rendering scheme.

Windows 10 2020 October update features are introduced.

Finally, the Windows 10 settings page now allows users to change the refresh rate of the display, although similar effects have previously been achieved through third-party utilities.