Microsoft Edge Browser Support Blocks Access to “Unsafe Content”

Like most other browsers on the market, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge comes with rules that provide configuration permissions for each website we visit. Of course, for added convenience, we can also configure the same rules for all pages to ensure that website access to files, webcams, microphones, or other resources is handled correctly. Recently, Microsoft added new permissions to the latest Canary release to further enhance the security we get when we browse the web.

This feature, called Block Insecure Content, essentially prevents users from accessing content stored on a Web site that Microsoft Edge considers to be unsafe. There’s no doubt that this feature helps improve users’ online security, so microsoft Edge’s security features are very popular with users.

Currently, the feature is still in beta testing, so it is only available in the latest Canary version of Microsoft Edge. Additionally, it is not available to everyone, which means that it must be manually enabled by the user. The enablement method is as follows:

The first thing you need to do is update Microsoft Edge Canary to the latest version and then launch the application. Enter the following code in the address bar:


In the search input bar at the top of the screen, type the following code to find the corresponding flag:

Blockable mixed content switchas site setting

You can also copy the path directly to the browser address bar:


Click on the drop-down menu and select Enable Settings. Next, we need to restart the browser to save the settings and make them take effect.

When the browser enables this feature, the security site will block unsafe content by default. Therefore, if you want to allow exceptions on a particular page, you need to configure this.

On the same screen, we can also configure a range of other site permissions, such as media autoplay, protected content, unsanded plug-in access, pop-ups and redirects, JavaScript, and more.

When we configure new site permissions, we do not need to restart the browser because the configuration will be applied immediately.

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