Pixar’s “The Odd Brigade of hearts” will be played exclusively at Disney Plus on Christmas Day.

According tomedia, Variety, Pixar’s Soul will bypass the court line and make an exclusive appearance at Disney Plus on Christmas Day. The animated home movie will be available on the streaming service on December 25. In the international market, where Disney plus streaming services are not available, no date has been set for the release of “The OddIty.”

“The Spirit Brigade” was originally scheduled for release in June, but was later postponed until November 20 due to the new crown pandemic. Variety had previously reported that Disney was exploring various release options for “The Odd Brigade of hearts” and was unlikely to push ahead with the late November slot. Universal’s decision to move its animated comedy Mad Primitives 2: A New Era forward from December 23 to November 25 — the week “The Heart Traveler” was scheduled to be released — further cements the possibility that the Pixar movie will be released on a streaming platform.

Unlike Disney Plus subscribers, who will pay an additional $29.99 to watch Magnolia, The Spirit Travel will be available free of charge to Disney Plus’s 60.5 million subscribers. The streaming service costs $6.99 a month.

“We’re excited to share Pixar’s spectacular and moving “The Heart Traveler” directly with the audience at Disney Plus in December,” said Bob Chapek, CEO of Walt Disney Co. “A new Pixar original movie is always a special occasion, and this true warmth and humor about the connection between people and finding their place in the world will be a fun for families this holiday season.”

The move comes days after Cineworld, the US-owned cinema operator, announced plans to temporarily close all 536 cinemas, citing a “challenging cinema environment”. Rivals AMC and Cinemark said they had no plans to close any U.S. theaters.

In recent weeks, only a few films still scheduled for release this year have begun to delay release dates. “Dunes” and the 25th 007 film “No Time to Die” recently postponed their respective premiere dates until 2021. With the way “Fantastic Beasts and Minds” is released, there’s only one potential blockbuster left on the 2020 release schedule — Wonder Woman 1984, currently scheduled for release on December 25.

Pete Docter (representing Monster Power) and Kemp Powers (representing Star Trek: Discovery) co-directed “The Adventures of the Mind,” an existential animated film about a high school music teacher (voiced by Jamie Foxx) who dreams of becoming a jazz performer. But before his big breakthrough, he was in an accident that led to the separation of his soul from his body. He then went to a YOU workshop, where he worked with Soul 22 (voice-over by Tina Fey) to return to the real world.

“The world can be a place of exhaustion and frustration — but it’s also full of unexpected pleasures, even in seemingly ordinary things,” Docter said in a statement. “The ‘soul’ survey is what really matters in our lives, and that’s what we’ve been asking lately. I hope it will bring some humor and fun to people, and at this time, everyone can certainly use it. “

The following are U.S. films that should have premiered on the academy line but were released digitally or digitally after the COVID-19 outbreak.