Tesla has teamed up with fast-charging company Fastned to open Germany’s largest fast-charging hub.

Electric car maker Tesla has opened Germany’s largest fast-charging hub, Ladepark Kreuz Hilden, along with Dutch fast-charging companies Fastned and Seed and Greet Bakery. The coolest part of this fast charging center is its solar roof, lights, benches, cafes and bakeries, as well as a large Tesla charging station and a large Fastned charging station.

During charging, drivers can not only buy water, coffee or fresh bread rolls, but also eat live-roasted pizzas for longer periods of charging.

Tesla has teamed up with fast-charging company Fastned to open Germany's largest fast-charging hub.

The center’s infrastructure is powered by solar and wind power because it is equipped with a huge solar roof. This could be the direction of the electric vehicle charging infrastructure, as high-power chargers are really needed along the highway, which is reliable and safe, and there is everything that is necessary around it.

Currently, the fast-charging center has 28 charging piles, 20 of which are Tesla V3 supercharged piles, and eight fast-charging piles of Fastned, which can reach speeds of up to 300 kilowatts, allowing electric vehicles to power up to 300 kilometers in 15 minutes.

Media said the opening of large charging stations in Germany coincided with the opening. Because Tesla is currently working to complete its German plant in Brandenburg, the Berlin superstring. With the popularity of Tesla and electric cars in Europe, there is a lot of room for charging piles to expand.

Fastned is reported to have 125 fast charging stations in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Belgium, all of which are open to the public 24 hours a day.