Microsoft Outlook’s iOS 14 calendar gadget is now available.

As early as September, when Apple officially launched iOS 14, Microsoft said it would support a number of features of the updated operating system, including widgets for their apps. Microsoft has released a photo widget for OneDrive, and today we noticed that the Outlook Calendar and Mail app on iOS 14 now has calendar widgets.

Microsoft Outlook's iOS 14 calendar gadget is now available.

To place widgets, simply update to the latest version of the Outlook for iOS app, then press and hold the home screen and select the plus sign at the top left of the screen. This opens a list of all the apps that provide widgets, searches for Microsoft Outlook, and chooses the size of your widget to easily place it on your home screen.

Until now, only calendars have provided a widget for features in Outlook, and it’s unclear whether the mail inbox will be equipped with the appropriate features, but it should only be a matter of time.

Yesterday, another third-party music app provider, Spotify, also offered desktop gadgets for their apps.