Rumours: Blizzard’s OverWatch2 BETA may be in production.

“OverWatch 2” has been in development for some time, and recent rumors suggest that “OverWatch 2” doesn’t seem too far away from release. According tomedia Dexerto, a new exposed file may hint at the existence of an already playable version of OverWatch2. Recently exposed game files can be seen through Blizzard Launcher Laucher, which uses a label that is not visible in an OverWatch-like file.

Rumours: Blizzard's OverWatch2 BETA may be in production.

The file name is named “prov2” and can be interpreted as “ov2” with prefix

These files are CDN (Content Distribution Network) files that publishers use to pre-allocate game data so that players can quickly download patches and updates from the nearest available servers.

Some OverWatch fans speculated that this might be a sign that game testing was under way, and that some beta versions (BETA) might follow.

Rumours: Blizzard's OverWatch2 BETA may be in production.

Others believe the CDN update may indicate that Blizzard is releasing a version of the game to begin the localization process, and may send some content to record the sound behavior of a bunch of different languages.

Blizzard, of course, doesn’t mean in any way that the beta version of OverWatch 2 will come soon, or that we’ll get a beta before it actually available. Therefore, it is best to have reservations about any speculation about this.

Blizzard has not yet announced when The OverWatch 2 will go on sale, but combined with the details of the current exposure, the game could be released in 2021.