Epic/Apple judge: Will have a ‘significant impact’ on Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft

Recently, the lawsuit between Epic and Apple is very high-profile, both sides are preparing for the “attack and defense war”, the current “outpost war” is also more intense. Whatever the outcome, the lawsuit will have a “significant, far-reaching and serious impact” on Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, the investigating judge said.

Epic/Apple judge: Will have a 'significant impact' on Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft

According to Bloomberg’s earlier report, U.S. District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers’ decision on Epic Games’ request for a temporary injunction, which ended in what could be described as a big 40 board, overruled Epic’s request to force Apple to re-launch Fortnite, but also blocked Apple from taking action on the developer accounts of Unreal Engine’s game engine.

U.S. District Judge Yovonne Gonzalez Rogers said: “Whether it’s Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, they all have a more closed platform operating model, like Apple, and there are some ‘barriers’.” They are exclusive in hardware facilities, operating systems, digital markets, IAP, and more. Whatever the final decision, it will have a ‘significant, far-reaching and serious impact’ on Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft. “

“Epic has asserted that the iOS platform is different from other gaming devices.” The judge added, “Epic Games places particular emphasis on the need for power outlets and separate screens for game consoles and PCs, and therefore lacks the ability to ‘play on the mobile side’.” To do this, you need to consider a series of portable features, battery power and so on.

“However, Epic has been ignoring discussions about gaming laptops, tablets and NS devices, all of which have the potential to be mobile. As far as end consumers are concerned, there may be a lot of overlap between users of these devices and users of the iOS platform.

At the heart of EPIC’s antitrust lawsuit against Apple are the App Store, Fortnite and Apple’s 30 percent built-in payment system for app developers. In August, EPIC set up a new payment program in Fortnite that allows players to buy items directly at a cheaper price and bypass the App Store. Apple then removed Fortnite from the App Store. EPIC has also launched an antitrust lawsuit against Apple. After a series of battles, the antitrust lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial on May 3, 2021.

As for where Epic’s lawsuit with Apple will go, and what the judge will ultimately decide, stay with our story.