Google is suing Google for using the “droid” trademark OrpheusDroid in Android-related projects.

Media reported that google launched a trademark infringement lawsuit against Orpheus Droid on the grounds of trademark infringement, despite many “droid”-related projects on the Internet. Project leaders say OrpheusDroid originated from installing a personalized Android operating system on Samsung’s Galaxy S1 smartphone. The sole proprietorship was registered in 2017 and a trademark application was filed at the end of 2019.

(From: Team-bhp website)

With reference to the Vienna Convention on the Registration of Trademarks, the Orpheus Droid trademark has been transferred to a three-month temporary publicity phase for the flag. Earlier this year, however, Google India disputed this.

A week before the trademark was officially signed, Orpheus Droid received a letter from Google’s Indian legal office asking it to waive and revoke the trademark application.

The legal wringing between the two companies has become increasingly intense after the company was asked to sign a pledge not to engage in any future infringements.

Clearly, Google is emphasizing the fact that it owns the “Droid” brand in android ecology and opposes the registration of “Droid” trademarks for third-party projects.

Orpheusdroid’s trademark application will, in principle, stall before the lawsuit lands, though the company has made some counter-arguments:

For example, Orpheusdroid is the only word created in 2012;

The term Droid was coined by American sci-fi writers as early as 1952;

Lucas Arts first obtained permission to use the term Droid from Motorola;

Google later said it obtained permission from Lucas Arts to use the word Droid in its Android open source operating system.