Fans of Amazon’s version of “The Lord of the Rings” have big-scale scenes to worry about.

Amazon’s version of The Lord of the Rings has resumed filming in New Zealand, but the series may include some big-scale scenes, according tomedia company ComicBook, which has also raised concerns among Lord of the Rings fans. Broker BGT has been found to be recruiting in the Auckland area, with actors over the age of 18 accepting “naked” actors of all sizes and sizes, who can be paid up to $500 a day.

There is also an intimate relationship coordinator on the production team, hinting that the play “Lord of the Rings” might include sex scenes.

The list has raised concerns among Lord of the Rings fans that Amazon may have been influenced by the success of the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and wanted to introduce a big-scale scene. But the world architecture of Game of Thrones is scary, dark, low-key, and fits well with pornography. Tolkien’s pure and fanciful Middle Earth world may not be a good fit for pornography.

Morfydd Clark, the actress who previously played Elf Queen Kylan Trier in the drama Lord of the Rings, said she was proud to be involved. The number of participants was shocking. And she never thought she’d be able to play the Elf Queen.

The play “The Lord of the Rings” is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy book of the same name, and the story takes place before the timeline of the movie “Lord of the Rings 1: The Re-enactment of the Lord of the Rings.” Set in the second era known as the “Numanno Era”, it tells the story of the early wars of “The Rise of the Demon Soren,” “The Creation of Arno and Gonzi,” “The Genie and the Human Alliance Against the Demons,” and “The Battle for the Lord of the Rings.” It is expected to air next year.

The show’s five seasons, with 20 episodes in its first season, totaled $1 billion, surpassing the investment in the film version of the trilogy. It also beat “Game of Thrones” (which costs about $15 million per episode) to become the most expensive American drama of all time.