It’s both an SUV and a car: Mercedes wants to build a “SUL” model.

At present, the passenger car industry, the most mainstream than cars, SUVs and MPV, as the automotive market gradually diversified, some car companies try to launch some cross-border style products, Mercedes-Benz is no exception. Back at the 2018 Beijing Motor Show, Mercedes-Maybach showed off its Vision Ultimate Luxury concept car, which is highly integrated with sedans and SUV models, and Mercedes-Benz made it the Sport Utility Limousine.

After the premiere, the news about the car’s mass production was “sinking into the sea”.

Recently, according tomedia reports, Mercedes-Benz in this shape of the Mercedes-Maybach luxury concept car plans to enter the production line, which also means that the model is about to achieve mass production.

It is said to be sold in both ICE and all-electric forms, and could replace the A-Class sedan, which could go into production as early as 2025.

Referring to the concept car, the new car features the Mercedes-Maybach family’s iconic straight waterfall grille design, adding a lot of fashion elements to the standout elegance.

It’s worth noting that the concept car’s entire interior is almost wrapped in wood-trimpled panels and high-end leather, and the rear center armrests even have purple-gold-style high-end tea set, which can be described as “uninhabited in the trenches”.

In fact, the SUL model is not Mercedes-Benz’s first, as is the case with the S60 Cross Country based on the Volvo S60. The new car as a whole has not changed, with only a 65mm increase in body height.

In addition, the Citroen brand also launched a Chinese special car C3L earlier this year, although the new car is built on an SUV platform, but the car uses a sedan shape, more like the design of its sedan model Elysee.

Although the car market is changing rapidly, but for the time being, SUL is still a niche model, do you think?