Musk said Tesla will release a fully autonomous driving beta next week.

At Tesla’s Battery Day event last month, the carmaker promised that an earlier version of its long-awaited fully autonomous driving system would be available in a month or so. Now, more than a month later, a tweet from CEO Elon Musk gives the feeling that everything is going in order.

According to Elon Musk’s Twitter account, a limited version of the upgraded version of his self-driving software, “Fully Autonomous Driving,” will be available to owners starting next Tuesday. Musk was quick to point out that the FSD beta will be limited to a small number of experts and cautious drivers. It’s unclear how Tesla will determine a driver’s degree of careful driving.

In this year’s Battery Day speech, Musk explained that Tesla must make a serious change to Autopilot to help it reach that point. “We have to fundamentally rewrite the entire Autopilot software stack so that the complexity of the car’s neural network and the overall logic of the car are greatly enhanced,” Musk said. “

It’s worth noting that, as always, there are no self-driving cars for sale. The FSD is a higher-order version of self-driving, and over time, autonomous driving itself has undergone several major upgrades, adding features such as automatic lane change, highway driver assistance, automatic traffic lights, and stop sign control. The latest update, which we reported in early October, adds the ability for Tesla vehicles to automatically drive past the green light without the need for the lead car to start driving first.

It’s also worth noting that the system, known as “fully autonomous driving,” doesn’t mean you can jump into the back seat and take a bunch of videos to show off what you call a self-driving car. Instead, the FSD version still requires the driver to place his hands on the steering wheel and be ready to regain control of the car at the prompt. Driver monitoring is likely to be part of so-called autonomous driving for some time to come.

Musk said Tesla will release a fully autonomous driving beta next week.