White House doctor: Trump’s new coronavirus test was negative for days.

Sean Conley, the White House doctor, said Mr. Trump’s new coronavirus tests for several days were negative, CNN reported. Trump confirmed early Tuesday that he and his wife, Melania, were infected with the new coronavirus and were taken to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment that evening. He was discharged from the hospital on the evening of the 5th and returned to the White House.

White House doctor: Trump's new coronavirus test was negative for days.

White House doctor Sean Conley said in a statement on the 8th, Trump has completed the treatment of new coronary pneumonia on the 8th. “Since his return to the White House, his physical examination results have remained stable and there is no indication of any progress,” Conley said Saturday, the 10th day after Trump’s diagnosis, “and Trump is expected to return safely to public events on the 10th.”

The World Health Organization’s recommendations say that patients with symptomatic new coronary pneumonia can be released without a retlapse, the standard is 10 days after the on-the-appearance of symptoms, plus at least 3 days without fever, respiratory tract and other symptoms.

On Friday (9th local time), Fucci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said the White House had experienced a “super-transmission event” of the new coronavirus, adding that the recent outbreak at the White House further illustrated the importance of wearing a mask to prevent the spread of the virus. The number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia linked to the White House has risen to 34, according to an internal government memo obtained by ABC News on Wednesday. (Overseas Net Zhang Ni)