Fage: Life in the United States will not be fully restored until 2022.

As the rate of new coronavirus infections in the U.S. rises, The White House’s chief infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Folch, believes life in the U.S. won’t be fully restored until 2022,media BGR reported. Even if an effective vaccine is developed, it may be only 50-60% effective. In addition, many Americans have expressed reluctance to get the new crown vaccine.

Fage: Life in the United States will not be fully restored until 2022.

Currently, more than 50,000 new crown cases are added every day in the United States. What’s more, many states, such as Wisconsin and Utah, are currently experiencing record numbers of new infections. The situation in Wisconsin has recently become so dire that the state has been forced to set up a field hospital to deal with a large number of new patients.

Back in August, Dr. Anthony Folch said the U.S. must cut the number of new crown cases a day to less than 10,000 by the fall, or “we’re going to have a very difficult winter in the coming months.” Looking ahead, things are likely to get worse before they get better, thanks to colder weather and the upcoming flu season. In fact, many health experts believe that these two factors could lead to a surge in new infections in November and December. At worst, some scientific models predict that by the end of the year, the number of deaths in the U.S. could reach 2,900 a day.

Of course, all this raises the question: when will the new crown pandemic end and life will finally return to normal? In response, Dr. Fucci said at the beginning of the year that life would not return to normal without the development of an effective vaccine.

“It’s not like turning a light on or off at all,” Fucci said. “Even with a vaccine, it won’t have a 99 percent effect. I’d love it to be, but it’s not. “

“So, assuming that the vaccine is 75 percent effective, 65 to 80 percent of people want to get vaccinated,” Fuchs said. And we see this country as a social unit that is vulnerable to infection. Therefore, we have to be hard and soft, and gradually move towards the degree of standardization. “

As a result, Folch believes the U.S. will return to a semi-normal state by the summer of 2021. But he said life in the U.S. will not fully return to normal until 2022.

“I believe that by the end of 2021,” Folch said last month, “if everyone is vaccinated, and we continue to implement the public health measures that I’ve been talking about over the past few months, which are not universally followed.” If we do this, coupled with vaccines, we will reach levels so low that we may even be close to not. “