The Google Play Music Store is closed during the transition to YouTube music.

According tomedia reports, Google often changes the name and brand of its products, but occasionally suddenly changes products or even stops projects. Google’s messaging services and apps have become a prime example, but the most intense recent discussion has come from Google Play Music users, who have now been told that the Play Music Store is now permanently closed and they can no longer buy songs.

The Google Play Music Store is closed during the transition to YouTube music.

That’s not surprising, since Google gave a timetable back in August. And as it irreversibly drives YouTube Music to become its only music subscription service, the ability to buy songs for a service that is about to close makes little sense anyway. The Google Play Music app will be completely shut down by the end of the year.

Play Music users now have three options. They can transfer their music library to YouTube Music, but understand that the two are completely different and may not have functional equivalents yet. If they want to retain access to paid content, they can also choose to download the music they purchased using Google Takeout.

Finally, they can choose to delete their Play Music library directly and lose access to the music forever. If they don’t do any of these when the Google Play Music app becomes unavailable by the end of the year, Google will automatically delete them.

The transition from Google Play Music to YouTube music may not be plain sailing. YouTube has been pushing updates and new features for its music subscription service to welcome Google Play Music users.