Musk: Automation in almost all Tesla parts production is greater than 75%

On October 12, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted: “The sheer scale of the entire production system is incalculable. Almost all components are automated at a scale greater than 75%, with only harnesses and assembly mainly done by hand, and this part of the production cost is less than 10%. Musk’s tweet was in response to a media article describing Tesla as a decade ahead of its competitors in manufacturing.

Reporter: Cui Zhuzhu.

Musk: Automation in almost all Tesla parts production is greater than 75%

The self-media use of this statement is derived from the analysis of manufacturing experts.

Sandy Munro, a manufacturing expert, says Tesla’s manufacturing has improved so much since the “production hell” era that it has been ahead of its competitors for a decade, according to business Insider.

Musk’s focus on automation has been one of Tesla’s major manufacturing bottlenecks in the past. “They eliminated a lot of robots. Musk thinks robots can take over in some way, and I think in many cases it turns out to be wrong,” Sandy Munro said.

Since then, Musk has temporarily shifted his focus away from automation and realized the importance of labor. “Tesla’s over-automation was a mistake. To be exact, I made a mistake. Humans are undervalued. Musk tweeted in 2018.

However, Sandy Munro says Tesla’s strengths do not come from emphasizing the importance of humanity. He believes Tesla’s vertical integration is vital to operations, far beyond many people’s imagination.

“So what Tesla is doing is developing a product that’s only 90 or 95 percent perfect. But they have a lot of ways to check each car at any time and get feedback like, ‘Hey, I think what we should do is X.’ Let’s make engineering changes and implement it on a later vehicle, and if there is a problem with the customer, we will replace the parts when we don’t know how to fix it. ‘”

This method of minor modifications to the car seems to work. Analysts estimate that Tesla will produce nearly half a million cars this year.

When Sandy Munro dismantled the Model 3 years ago, he said the car was a key factor in Tesla’s lead. “Tesla with model 3s could be five to eight years ahead of everyone else,” he says. Now, in some cases, I think Tesla is 10 years ahead in some areas of the car, especially in manufacturing. “