Google has made six super-fun apps, but the goal is to get you to put your phone down.

As more and more people become addicted to mobile phones, manufacturers are also focusing on health problems. Apple has introduced Screen Usage Time in iOS 12, where users can view and manage how often they use the app. Google has also added “Digital Health” to Android P, and has a new device with Android P and Android 10 that comes with it.

Recently, Google launched a new Digital Health Experiment project that uses six fun apps to help you stay away from your phone. These ideas may seem a bit of a flying head, but the bigger picture is to inspire developers and appeal to more people to focus on digital health.

What ” ideas” did they come up with? Let’s take a look at it.

Unlock Clock Unlock Counter

The first is live wallpaper, which can be found in wallpaper settings after download, or in conjunction with Google’s Wallpapers app. It works by counting every time you turn on your phone, like turning a page clock. Instead of regretting your regret when you look at the statistics every week, it’s better to show the facts directly to you.

Google做了6个超好玩的应用 但目的却是让你放下手机

Post Box Notification Box

The second app, called Post Box, puts the notifications on your phone together and is viewed only at a fixed time. Watch up to 4 times a day and set the time so you don’t have to worry about pop-up ads affecting your attention. The Post Box is also beautifully designed, with applications arranged in blocks, with only the most basic text information, efficient and time-saving.

Google做了6个超好玩的应用 但目的却是让你放下手机

WeFlip don’t play with mobile phones

The third app is interesting, it’s for dinner and meeting scenes. In this case, we should not play mobile phone by default, the activity can be started everyone’s state adjusted to open, as long as a person did not withstand the temptation to switch to other interface, the event will automatically end, the deduction, or let him check out … You can decide for yourself.

Google做了6个超好玩的应用 但目的却是让你放下手机

Paper Phone Paper Phone

The fourth app is also unique, with the first few to keep you using your phone as much as possible, while the Paper Phone lets you throw away your phone altogether. Of course, there are many parts of life that can’t be separated from your phone, and the role of Paper Phone is to print out what you’re going to use today on paper. It supports exporting contacts, maps, memos, schedules, and more, folding this piece into a block shape, and it’s the “phone” you need today.

Google做了6个超好玩的应用 但目的却是让你放下手机

Desert Island

The fifth app is a launcher, and its philosophy is a bit similar to the previous Light Phone, retaining only the necessary features on the phone. But with more options at Desert Island, you can have up to 7 apps on the desktop, and other apps need to click on the upper right corner to open. After one day of use, you’ll get a stat, see which apps you use most often, and then adjust your resident list the next day.

Google做了6个超好玩的应用 但目的却是让你放下手机

Morph Scene Launcher

Mobile phone most affect the efficiency of the point, is that people always can not control their hands, at work play games, driving texting when driving. Morph’s role is to get you to use the right app at the right time. You can choose the app you need by scene, set the time period for opening, such as using office tools at work, and playing some games when you get home.

Google做了6个超好玩的应用 但目的却是让你放下手机

Some of the digital health apps  are still useful, such as Post Box and We Flip. , but the practicality is not high, Google’s real purpose is actually to inspire developers, so that more people to create digital health applications.

For this matter, domestic manufacturers are also very important, the mainstream of several mobile phone brands have joined similar management functions. Of course, whether digital health really works depends on everyone’s self-consciousness, and the tool can only be an aid.

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