Tesla is recruiting new teams to develop new technologies, including line-controlled steering technology.

Tesla is working on a “car project for the future and the future.” First, they focused on “line-controlled steering technology”. According tomedia, Tesla plans to set up a new team in Austin, Texas, to attack motors, transmission systems and chassis-related technologies. The team has no direct relationship with Tesla’s new Gigafactory.

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Tesla is recruiting new teams to develop new technologies, including line-controlled steering technology.

The carmaker has a new job on its official website, recruiting a mechanical design engineer for an electric motor in Austin. “Tesla needs mechanical engineers, from conceptual design to mass-produced drive motors.” It says.

In another position as a mechanical design engineer for the chassis, Tesla noted that it particularly needed someone to work on “wire-controlled steering and braking/motor integration.”

“The engineer will be involved in the product development of current and future vehicles, particularly line steering and braking/motor integration, and provide a solid foundation for future vehicle engineering operations in Texas.”

The wire-controlled steering system saves the use of mechanical connecting rods in the steering system and relies only on electrical or electromechanical systems for steering. It is more efficient and frees up more space in the cockpit to accommodate different designs.

However, many markets still require mechanical linkages in steering systems to enable vehicles to legally get on the road.

Tesla, like many automakers, has implemented the driven motor and make the executor work through an electrical controller in order to achieve its autopilot assisted driving capabilities, but its steering system still has mechanical links.

In addition to these positions, Tesla will also hire the following positions in Austin:

Mechanical design engineer – drive system.

Mechanical design engineer – drive device structure.

Mechanical design engineer – motor.

Mechanical design engineer – gear transmission mechanism.

Mechanical design engineer – chassis.

Tesla already has drive unit teams in the San Francisco Bay Area, Nevada and Greece, but it looks like the automaker is now looking to develop new motors in Austin as it taps for local talent.

For Tesla, it would be a big deal if it could lead the trend in line-controlled steering, which is often associated with self-driving cars.

While it will have to work with regulators to get approval, this won’t be the first time Tesla has tried to implement a technology that hasn’t yet been approved at the regulatory level.

As early as 2013, Nissan tried to introduce its first line-controlled steering system in the infinity vehicle, the Infinity Q50, but it didn’t go well, and eventually they recalled the vehicle.

Tesla’s new team in Texas could mean tesla might apply the system to its Cybertruck pickup.