240,000 can buy domestic Model 3: from now on Hainan to buy Tesla and subsidize another 10,000.

Although Tesla mouthed that there is no “cut leeks”, but the day before the swearing chest to ensure that there will be no price reduction, the result of the next day on the official price reduction. Such an act, is not a good hand cut leeks? On October 1st Tesla also gave all new and existing owners a surprise, with the domestic Model 3 Standard Life Upgrade subsidy dropping to $249,900, up from $271.55 million previously.

The price of the domestic Model 3 long-range rear-wheel drive version was reduced to 30.99 million yuan.

The price reduction is of course some people are happy and worried, after all, the would-be owners who have not yet bought, overnight spent less than 20,000 yuan, you can mention the Tesla Model 3, this feeling and pick up money is not much different.

However, for owners in Hainan Province, it is cheaper to buy a Tesla model, in addition to Tesla’s own price cuts, the national new energy promotion subsidies, but also in Hainan Province to enjoy an additional 10,000 yuan car purchase subsidies.

Today, Tesla announced that from now on, users who buy Tesla-owned models in Hainan and have registered new energy license plates in Hainan will receive a subsidy of 10,000 yuan from the local government of Hainan Province.

240,000 can buy domestic Model 3: from now on Hainan to buy Tesla and subsidize another 10,000.

This means that the current Tesla-made Model 3 entry model, after enjoying the purchase subsidy, the price is 10,000 yuan cheaper than the official website, only 2399 million yuan.

Users of new energy vehicles applying for awards are required to meet the following criteria:

1. The applicant shall purchase new energy new energy vehicles for the automobile sales enterprises registered in Hainan Province and register the owners of motor vehicles (including individuals and non-individual users) registered with the traffic management department of the public security organs of our province.

2. New energy vehicles that can declare awards include all-electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid models (including add-ons) and fuel cell models.

3, the vehicle must be the initial registration of vehicles, and registration to obtain a special number plate for new energy.