The new Tesla was called away by someone else, and the delivery center gave another car, which turned out to be a “second-hand car.”

The hottest all-electric car currently on sale in the country is the Tesla Model 3, and on October 1st Tesla officials sent out a $20,000 “gift package” that is expected to see monthly sales of the Tesla Model 3 climb further in the coming months. However, while selling hot, on the other hand, the owners are constantly questioning its quality problems. The story of Mr. Xie, the owner of the car in Hangzhou, is even more bizarre.

His new Tesla was called away by someone else, and the delivery center replaced him with a car that was suspected to be a “second-hand car” and the owner was not himself. This is also very difficult for Mr. Xie to accept.

According to media reports, after ordering a Tesla, Mr. Xie waited until the delivery date of the new car and was told to pick it up, he searched the delivery center and parking lot, and did not find his vehicle.

Finally, he opened the Tesla App query and found that the car had been moved away by someone else.

Later, after negotiating with the delivery center, Tesla re-equipped him with a new car. I thought it was over, but I found out it was just beginning.

Recently, When Mr. Xie logged into his Tesla App, he found that the owner of the new car he was driving was not himself, suspecting that the new car was also a “second-hand car”.

According to the owner, Mr. Xie, he suspected that the car’s last owner, but also found that the car has a problem, and then replaced the vehicle.

Currently, Mr. Xie and the Delivery Centre are in negotiations. Tesla officials said they would report it for verification, but there has been no response so far.

It is understood that, unlike the domestic 4S stores, Tesla has a seven-day policy of no reason to withdraw cars. Vehicles can be returned if they are within 7 days or 1600 km, which is the first comer.

As a result, Mr. Xie suspects, the car that the Tesla Delivery Center later gave him may have been a “second-hand car” that other owners had previously returned. We will continue to pay attention to this matter.