“Invisibility cloak” come true? Canadian company produces stealth new material

A Canadian military camouflage and material technology company has developed a special material that can be invisible objects that looks like glass, but is thin as paper and bends, with a low focus on low cost, easy to carry, and may be popular in the future after commercialization, Taiwanmedia reported.

New stealth materials. Source: Social Networking Video

The “Quantum Stealth”, developed by The Canadian company Hypercruise, reportedly refracts the objects behind the “quantum stealth” by bending light, creating a dead end that cannot be seen.

Quantum stealth, without power support, can be used in any environment, season and time, effectively hiding targets in infrared, uv and thermal spectra.

However, “quantum stealth” is not perfect, if the hidden object is too close to it, too far, or too long, it will make it impossible to be completely invisible. Hypertouch explains that the principle of “quantum stealth” is the same as looking through a water bottle, if the object and water bottle are elongated to a certain distance, it will begin to deform, and the image will be flipped left and right.

Hyperflight has now patented the technology and is preparing to use it in military and police equipment, such as covering it directly in moving chariots, to avoid detection by aircraft or satellites, but it may take some time if the general public wants to use it.

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