“The Joker” box office or overtaking “Sea King” director’s revenue of up to $100 million

Todd Phillips, the director of the film The Joker, earned nearly $100 million on the film, according tomedia. As of the time of writing, “The Joker” had grossed $1.036 billion worldwide. Phillips is said to have paid a dividend in proportion instead of prepaid pay when signing his contract with Warner.

Phillips and Warner signed a similar agreement when they were filming “The Crime of The Crime” in 2009. With “The Joker” selling at the global box office, Phillips’ earnings have reached a sizeable number. But it actually revealed that Warner didn’t think much of the Joker’s ability to generate revenue in the early stages of the project.

Todd Phillips with co-star Jekun Phoenix on the scene

In addition, DC’s most popular hit movie is “Sea King”, the global box office of $1,148 million, according tomedia analysis, “The Joker” is expected to surpass this achievement, and set a new record. “The Joker” is by far the highest-grossing R-rated film in movie history.

Warner Pictures’ usual style is that the film is hot and ready for a sequel, and last week’s news of “The Joker 2” also broke, and several well-knownmedia reports produced a rare conflict, but Phillips himself later dismissed suggestions that there were plans for a sequel.

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