Musk: Tesla may launch a small Cybertruck electric pickup

Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently hinted that the company may launch a smaller Cybertruck electric pickup truck in the future. On Thursday, Tesla unveiled its first electric pickup truck, Cybertruck, which caught the eye of many with its unique design.

But because of the size, one Musk fan on Twitter said he hoped Tesla would launch the smaller Cybertruck. The fan joked that the current Cybertruck could block the entire street he owns.

In response, Musk replied on Twitter: “In the long run, it’s possible to launch a smaller CyberTruck.” (Long term, it’s probably make sense to build a smaller Cybertruck too)

Musk has proved to us in the past that he is a man who understands what people need. He will listen to potential Tesla owners and use them to improve Tesla-built vehicles.

Musk: Tesla may launch a small Cybertruck electric pickup

Analysts say Cybertruck won’t start production until the end of 2021, so Musk and Tesla’s team of designers have plenty of time to improve Cybertruck’s design to launch a mini Cybertruck pickup truck. to appeal to consumers who don’t need a big Cybertruck.

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