Tesla critics ‘turned over’: U.S. name says Model X ‘too good’

Jim Cramer, the US financial media personality, said on Tuesday that he was ready to buy Tesla’s Model X SUV because his “wife Lisa really wanted it”. He has previously fired at Tesla and its CEO, Elon Musk.

“I gave up. This car is so good for X,” Kramer said on a show. You can’t stop her. “

For years, Kramer has been an outspoken critic of Tesla CEO Elsus’ mistakes. He has called Musk the “king of the circus” of the modern era and lashed out at Musk’s “funded” privatization tweet last August.

Kramer tried to avoid attacking or recommending Tesla’s stock, as Tesla’s supporters and Tesla’s twitter haters hit back. Tesla’s long-shot battle slots, with bulls willing to shell out nearly 60 times their 12-month forward earnings, while shorts are betting that the company is one of the most shorted stocks on Wall Street.

Kramer said he was bullish on Tesla when he test-driveed it on Monday. He then posted to Musk on social media: “Test Drive Model X, it’s been a fantastic journey, and now my wife insists on buying it! “

“What should I do to continue looking at Tesla’s balance sheet?” Kramer said. “Everyone in my family wants one. I gave up. “

Kramer said he was with Tesla’s former chief financial officer this weekend, who said there was a balance sheet problem, but a good driving experience overtook the balance sheet. “

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