Trump campaign accuses Google advertising rule changes to suppress 2020 election vote

Donald Trump’s campaign on Tuesday attacked Google for changing its political advertising rules, saying the company’s new restrictions would silence voters from the 2020 election. “There is no denying that President Trump and his campaign have built the greatest digital operation in the entire political world, and Google’s decision will disproportionately affect the Trump campaign and all republican candidates and organizations that rely on digital power,” the Trump team said in a statement. The statement also said Democrats would also be unfairly affected.

Trump campaign accuses Google advertising rule changes to suppress 2020 election vote

“By severely restricting political advertising, Google’s growth stifles citizens’ ability to participate in democracy,” the statement said. The statement was issued by the Trump campaign in conjunction with the Republican National Committee and other Republican election committees.

Google said last week that it would ban candidates from targeting election ads based on people’s political background, but based on gender, age and geographic location. The company also removed the “customer match” feature for political advertisers. The tool allows marketers to upload a list of their email addresses or phone numbers and target ads to these people.

Twitter has banned advertising for political candidates altogether on its platform.

Facebook, the largest online political advertising platform, is under pressure to curb its campaign. Many Democrats say Facebook has an obligation to verify ads on its platforms. But the company rejected the proposal, saying it did not want to regulate political discourse.

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