U.S. thieves use Bluetooth to accurately scan computers & phones in a car and then smash a car into a car theft

Electronic devices bring convenience to human life, but also produce new forms of problems. News of personal information and privacy breaches has become commonplace, but It was thought that Bluetooth discovery of electronic devices could also be a tool for thieves. In early October, samantha, an architect from Chicago, drove out, stopped midway through the car, put her laptop and an external hard drive in the back seat of the car, and when she returned, she found her window smashed and both the computer and hard drive stolen, Wired reported. The owner immediately called the police, but there is no following.

U.S. thieves use Bluetooth to accurately scan a computer phone in a car and then smash a car into a car theft

Similar car thefts are common in the United States, especially in big cities such as Chicago. What is unusual about the case is that Samantha said that in addition to the computer, there was a wallet containing a small amount of cash, sports equipment and a box of beer in the car at the time of the crime, but nothing else showed any signs of passivity, as if the thieves were specifically targeting electronic devices.

At the same time, another trend confirms this. U.S. police report records show that in recent years, car theft of electronic products in the car has increased year by year. In general, these electronic sms will turn on Bluetooth by default for easy use by the owner. But it also gives the outlaws a chance. Police suspect the thieves used a Bluetooth scanner to determine if there were electronics in the car and selected the target.

Jake Williams, founder of security firm Rendition Infosec, says some laptops turn off Bluetooth connections when they close the lid, but not all manufacturers’ laptops do. If the device is on Bluetooth, it means it will be scanned by thieves and the theft will be carried out. This is technically not difficult at all.

Ordinary people can easily download from the App Store to Bluetooth scanner-like apps, like the wifi universal assistant, these software use the phone’s built-in Bluetooth chip to scan nearby devices, in addition to the name of the device found, but also to see the device brand, whether the phone or computer, according to the device value. Although such apps were developed to make it easier for users to find lost Bluetooth gadgets, such as Bluetooth headsets, it’s hard not to be able to do bad things.

Law enforcement officials confirmed to Wired that in a case under investigation, there were suspects who used Bluetooth scanning for theft. No further details of the crime were disclosed because of confidentiality.

Of course, it’s also possible that thieves don’t use Bluetooth scanning at all. Some thieves are wandering around the parking lot and seeing people putting their bags or valuables in their cars will break the car’s glass and steal their belongings while no one is being seen. Some experienced business people will remind young people not to leave their bags in their cars when traveling, otherwise there is a good chance that thieves waiting in the dark will smash glass and steal. Life is not familiar, recovery difficulties.

No matter what kind of theft means, from their own start, strengthen the awareness of anti-theft is the key. Crime prevention expert Monica Rueda strongly advises people not to leave valuables in their cars. If it’s too convenient to carry electronics in your car, experts recommend turning on airplane mode (which disrupts all communication connections, including traffic and Bluetooth) or simply turn it off. By contrast, getting your device “sleep” isn’t safe because some devices still turn on Bluetooth while you sleep. Turning off Bluetooth and personal hotspots is also recommended in everyday situations, when going to the street or taking the subway. If the iPhone can turn off the airdrop or set it to contact-only, otherwise receiving a harassing picture from a stranger is a small matter and the phone is in trouble if it’s touched away.

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