Microsoft steps up support for Empire Age games: Latest release as soon as next year

For Microsoft, the Empire Games series will remain a priority for them. In a recent interview with Shannon Loftis, head of World’s Edge Studios, which develops the Empire Age series, he spoke about the Empire Age 2 decision and The Age of Empires IV, saying it still has potential for development.

Shannon Loftis also stressed that there are many new stories to tell and a lot to do in the Empire Age series. And Age of Empires was just one of the first big investments they put into the PC ecosystem.

Microsoft steps up support for Empire Age games: Latest release as soon as next year

The Age of The Empires series is a series of computer games developed by Full-Effect Studios and released by Microsoft Game Studios. The series is a historic instant strategy game. The first version of the series was “Age of Empires” in 1997. Since then, seven versions and three branches have been launched. Age of Empires is an instant strategy game that spans 10,000 years. The game is divided into “random map” and “campaign mode” two parts.

The Imperial Time series has been a success, with more than 20 million units sold worldwide to date. The full-impact studio responsible for the development has been well-known since the launch of this popular and high-quality game series. It has also worked with other companies, such as Big Hugue Games, to launch Age of Empires III: Asian Dynasty.

For everyone is looking forward to The Age of Empires IV, according to Microsoft’s previous statement, the launch date as early as the end of 2020, the most likely 2021. Microsoft has previously released a pilot video for Age of Empires IV that far exceeded expectations, and the modeling of terrain, architecture and military is amazingly sophisticated. The Age of Empires IV was developed by Relic Enterinment and will feature british, Roman, Japanese and American powers. The game will be available on the PC (Steam and WIN10) platform to support Chinese.

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