(Pictured) Windows 10 Build 19033 Release: Name Finalized “Version 2004”

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, the Windows Insider team has prepared a thin gift for the project members — both for Slow and Fast Channels, which released an update to Windows 10 Version 2004. That’s right, the name “Windows 10 version 2004” was officially announced today. The company explained that “Version 2003” was not chosen as a regular way to prevent confusion with Microsoft’s existing products, such as Windows Server 2003.

According to the official support document released today, the development of the upcoming Windows 10 feature update (Version 2004) in the first half of 2020 is nearing its end, with the team’s focus on 20H2. “We are about to distribute version updates to RS_PRERELEASE development branches to Windows Insider members of the Fast channel, not VB_RELEASE branches,” the article reads. If you’re currently in the Fast channel and don’t want to receive 20H2 previews (not that stable), you can choose to switch to the Slow channel. “

In any case, the newly released Build 19033 is another minor update to Windows 10 Version 2004, which fixes crashes in Bluetooth audio devices, NightLight, and Settings apps. The main update logs are as follows

General changes, improvements and fixes

There is no Build version watermark in the lower right corner of the desktop in this update. That doesn’t mean we’re done…

Windows Insiderusers with sharp eyes may notice that, starting with 20H1, this version is officially shown as the 2004 version. We chose to use 2004 as the version to eliminate confusion with any past product names, such as Windows Server 2003.

A fix has been fixed, and if you navigate to About in safe mode, it may cause some users’ settings to crash.

Fixes an issue that causes some paired Bluetooth audio devices to accidentally appear with your phone icon in Bluetooth Settings.

Fixes an issue where the preferred Focus Assist automatic rule settings cannot be continuously upgraded.

Fixes an issue where pressing the WIN-P keyboard shortcut twice in a row may cause ShellExperienceHost to crash.

A fixed issue can cause the startup menu to crash when you start if Windows Update is waiting to be restarted.

A fixed issue, if you use Night Light and you haven’t signed in to your Microsoft account and then attach your MSA, it will cause Night Light to no longer work.

Fixes an issue where if you quickly turn the Magnifier on and off in Settings and then turn it off, it will cause Magnifier.exe to crash.

Fix the following problem: After moving the focus in and out of the password field, you will not be able to enter Chinese punctuation with the phonetic input method.

Some users may encounter error 80092004 when trying to install Build 19025.1052. This is caused by isolation specific to this cumulative update and should not prevent build 19033 from being installed.

Fixed an issue with some external USB 3.0 drives that caused startup code 38.

Known issues

BattlEye and Microsoft found that some Insider previews and some Ofthe anti-cheat software were incompatible due to incompatibility. To protect insiders who may have installed these versions on their PCs, we have a compatibility hold on these devices to prevent affected versions of Windows Insider Preview. For more information, see this article.

When trying to install a new version, we are investigating reports that the update process has been suspended for a long time.

Some Insider users reported that the printer driver was still shown to be available for installation after the successful installation of the printer driver from the Optional Update section. We are investigating the problem.

We are investigating reports that some external USB 3.0 drives did not respond to Start Code 10 after connecting.

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