Facebook to buy Rhythm Lightsaber developer into Oculus

Facebook is buying Beat Games, the developer of the popular vr paciver game Rhythm Lightsaber, according tomedia. Beat Games is understood to be going to operate independently, but it will be part of Oculus Studios, Facebook’s VR gaming group. Mike Verdu, Oculus’s content director, said in a blog post that the game will continue to be released on all platforms and that the studio will not give Oculus eye mask snr. the right to prioritise access to new content such as updates or music packs.

Facebook to buy Rhythm Lightsaber developer into Oculus

(Screenshot via Theverge)

Oculus said the acquisition would provide more development resources for the small studio, Beat Games, formerly known as Hyperbolic Magnetism. Before the acquisition, Beat Saber had begun using a new music pack to expand its catalogue of small original songs, including Imagine Dragons and Panic! Songs from At The Disco. The company will also release a new 360-degree game model in December.

“Beat Saber,” released in 2018, is a bit like a combination of Dance Dance Revolution and a lightsaber duel. It became a rare breakthrough in VR gaming. It’s easy to get to grips with, but it’s hard to master. Currently, the game is also available on all major high-end VR platforms, including Oculus Rift and Quest.

Oculus has already funded a lot of Rift and Quest exclusive content, but acquiring cross-platform games is not a common strategy. However, other large companies often take similar measures. In fact, Google, which does not have a VR hardware branch, has acquired painting software Tilt Brush and Owlchemy Labs Studios.

Oculus also did not rule out buying more studios. “We’re exploring ways to accelerate VR, and we think next year will be an incredible year for VR game release and release,” the company said. We are delighted that Beat Games has joined our team. This is just the beginning. “

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