Apple employees say they support Cook to make Trump comfortable : Good for the company

On November 27th, according to Fortune, Mr. Trump visited apple plants in Austin, USA, with Mr. Cook last week. A subsequent survey showed that Apple employees expressed full support for Cook’s delivery of Trump. The survey was conducted by Fortune’s online social network Blind, an anonymous workplace.

Apple employees say they support Cook to make Trump: Good for the company

According to the survey, 81.6 percent of Apple employees said they supported Cook’s close relationship with Trump on matters “in apple-friendly policy.”

At the same time, 80 percent of respondents said they thought it was “fair that some Apple products are exempt from the additional tariffs imposed by the United States on Chinese-made products”.

The findings were from more than 100 Apple employees. The findings show that Apple employees strongly support Cook’s partnership with Trump to secure favorable policies for the company.

Blind confirmed that the person under investigation was an Apple employee based on the email address. Employees were asked to remain anonymous in the survey, but Blind said more than 50 percent of Apple employees on the social network called themselves engineers.

Given the strong opposition of Apple employees to Trump, it is surprising that they support Ed cook. Mr. Trump has received only $5,100 in donations from Apple employees this year, far less than other Democratic presidential candidates, according to OpenSecrets, a U.S.-based website that monitors political donations. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, for example, has received more than $88,000 in donations from Apple employees.

An anonymous Apple employee told the Blind public forum that they believed Cook “absolutely hates Trump.” The employee said Cook’s efforts were nothing more than an attempt to exploit Trump’s weaknesses and put him on Apple’s side.

It is unclear whether U.S. President Donald Trump and Apple CEO Tim Cook are allies. While Cook is a member of Trump’s Advisory Board on Artificial Intelligence (AI), he has also spoken out against some of the Trump administration’s policies, such as the repeal of DACA.

“Trump is clearly self-centered, and any company that publicly flatters him will be treated like a favor,” the Apple employee said. He is tricked around every day. “

Dan Ives, an analyst at wedbush, an investment bank, said Mr. Cook’s close relationship with Mr. Trump had helped Apple avoid tariffs. He said Cook’s close relationship with Trump is a boon for Apple.

Since Taking office, Mr. Cook has said that Apple is focused on policy, not on which party or candidate he supports. For Ives, Mr. Cook’s “balance” of closeness and alienation with Mr. Trump played a role.

“So far, Cook has acted like a master of tactics,” he said. “

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