FydeOS for PC v8.0 Release Account Cloud Sync

FydeOS is an operating system based on the Chromium OS open source project that creates a local account login without Google service, has a full desktop version of the Chromium browser, and is cloud-driven for the future with container technology compatible with Android and LINUX programs with GUI system.

FydeOS for PC v8.0 is a milestone update across large rits that include new features, features, and optimizations from previous versions to further improve the user experience. Of these, it is particularly noteworthy to note that:

Add a new Virtual Desktop feature to help you manage open windows more efficiently.

Add richer account sync ingresss, including Chrome apps and browser plug-ins installed in the FydeOS Store.

Integrate sedation depth optimization for Android subsystem stability.

Integrate symuped optimization of Linux subsystem activation startup.

Chromium browser s/he upgrades to 77.0.3865.

FydeOS for PC v8.0 发布 账户云同步全新升级

Newly designed “virtual desktop” feature. Adding multiple virtual desktops allows you to better manage open programs.

FydeOS for PC v8.0 发布 账户云同步全新升级

Rich browser plug-ins, Chrome apps, and Android apps are signed in to the FydeOS Store

FydeOS for PC v8.0 发布 账户云同步全新升级

Deeper-optimized Linux subsystems that keep the main system secure and stable while creating more possibilities

This release of FydeOS is still an earlier version with some known issues and considerations, as follows:

If you upgrade from FydeOS to PC v7.x via OTA, you will need to manually upgrade the image files required for Linux (beta).

For a period of time after the Android subsystem starts running the new Android program, the system attempts to optimize the binary encoding of the Android program, a process that may result in a slight increase in Android and CPU power consumption. You can recover on your own after a period of use.

The first restart of the device system triggers the kernel update process for users who adopt a multi-system boot scenario after they are updated to this version through OTA. The performance of the black screen then restart, do not panic! The system is properly entered after the restart.

In a Linux (beta) environment, hardware graphics acceleration is still experimental, and if you need to turn on it, you can search for crostini-gpu-support in chrome://flags and select Enable. Note: This may prevent the Linux subsystem from opening, and if this happens, there is a hardware incompatibility, and you will need to turn off this option.

Android subsystems and Android-related features currently only fit The Intel Family graphics card.

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