Can animals on the road that have been killed by vehicles eat?

Tens of thousands of wildlife smiles each year around the world, according to the U.S. Life Science website, and dozens of U.S. states now allow local residents to legally collect dead animals on their roads for consumption, rather than watching their carcasses rot and be abandoned on the side of the road.

Can animals on the road that have been killed by vehicles eat?


Many carnivores feed on animal carcasses, but how do people know if it’s safe to eat animals that are killed?

In October, California passed a bill that would allow three areas of the state to collect carcasses of animals killed in “high lying wild animals”, according to the latest regulations, and if deer, moose, wild boars and horned antelopes are killed in road crashes, they can legally collect their bodies.

Can wild animals killed by car crash be safe to eat? You need to follow some basic precautions, starting with examining the animal’s carcass to make sure it’s not sick or wounded before it’s hit.

When the initial animal autopsy is completed, there are three variables that may affect the safe consumption of the hit animal, starting with heat, and if, in hot weather, a dead animal carcass is spread on the pavement, its meat may not be safe unless it is dead for a short time (e.g., if you kill the injured wild animal yourself, know how long it died). If, in the summer, a dead deer is placed on a highway for 10-15 minutes, collectors will be vigilant and its carcasses may not be edible.

Second, bacteria usually multiply faster at higher temperatures, bacteria grow fastest in an environment of 4-60 degrees Celsius, and their numbers can be doubled in as little as 20 minutes, and when the weather warms, carcasses of animals killed on roads can become a breeding ground for disease. In fact, after a period of animal death, you will see the carcasses of animals start to swell as they grow gas-producing microbes in their intestines.

Finally, taking into account other factors in soil and water, animal carcasses are likely to be exposed to environmental bacteria, such as if a hit animal is abandoned in a mud pit, its meat may not be edible, even if the body is cooler, the environment is dry and clean, you need to make sure that the animal’s stomach and intestines do not rupture, once the intestinal bacteria spill. The meat of the animals will not be edible.

Although eating wild animals that are killed by car on the road is unfamiliar to some people, wild animals are a healthy and natural source of protein that can be enjoyed no matter how they die. The wildlife meat is delicious and is a delicious meal, and people will enjoy game food as much as possible.

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