Lego announces acquisition of BrickLink to keep it operating independently in the future

The LEGO Group announced Tuesday that it has acquired BrickLink, the internet’s largest LEGO fan market and community,media outlet Slash Gear reported. They announced that they would continue to support 1.1 million members in 70 countries. For those who already use BrickLink and love the platform’s independence spirit, this is a good thing.

Lego announces acquisition of BrickLink to keep it operating independently in the future

BrickLink was founded by Dan Jezek in 2000. It was acquired in 2013 by NXMH LLC Group from Jezek, which is owned by Jung-Ju “Jay” Kim. Lego announced on November 26th that it had formally acquired BrickLink and Sohobricks. Although terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, the final completion of the deal is likely to be completed by the end of the year.

Perhaps the most important point about the acquisition is the comments of Julia Goldin, the LEGO Group’s global chief marketing officer. “BrickLink is a very successful organisation, inspired by Dan’s vision and driven by the very dedicated and enthusiastic people who run the site today,” says Goldin. Therefore, we do not expect to make any changes. On the contrary, we want to support them and maintain some of the spirit of independence. “

Lego does not appear to have plans to change BrickLink’s transaction fees or pricing settings. Goldin’s specific comment was that “there is absolutely no plan to change transaction fees or similar fees.” “

In an interview with BrickSet, Goldin said some Lego fans/BrickLink users were concerned about the possibility of changes to the platform. Every time you raise the issue, Goldin wants them to be reassured. “Providing more opportunities will be our top priority, not disrupting the market. “

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