Why does the Tesla pickup look so “weird”? Musk: Body material too hard to bend

These days, Weibo can always paint a “big iron” with its unseemly appearance, and yes, this is Tesla’s latest electric pickup, Cybertruck. Sure enough, the pickup was followed by a bizarre look. The public debate about the pickup’s appearance is polarizing. Some like not, the other half sneer at it.

In response, Tesla CEO Elon Musk delayed explaining why the pickup was designed to look like this on November 24.

Musk said the pickup was made of cold-rolled steel with 30 times the hardness, and that the material was too hard for the press to change its shape. If the material is forced to bend, the interior will leave a deep crease that affects the life of the material, so the Tesla designer designed the pickup without the traditional curve design.

Still, Tesla Cybertruck has received nearly 200,000 orders so far. Of these, 42% chose the dual-motor version of CyberTruck, 41% of the three-motor version, and the other 17% chose the single-motor version.

In short, Cybertruck’s “ugly” makes sense.

Tesla Pickup Cybertruck

Tesla Cybertruck Inspiration Source – Lutes S1 Esprit

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