Data shows that Disney’s streaming platform adds million subscribers a day

Since its launch earlier this month, Disney’s streaming-on-demand platform, Disney Plus, has attracted a large number of users with its vast resources. At the same time, we were impressed by the number of early subscribers. Since it went live on November 12, the Disney Plus app has been downloaded more than 15.5 million times and purchased in-app has exceeded $5 million, according to Apptopia, a research firm.

Data shows that Disney's streaming platform adds million subscribers a day

(From: Disney, via BGR)

At the same time, millions of users have not only downloaded the app, but also abandoned the free trial period for the paid subscription service. In an interview with the New York Post, Webbush analyst Dan Ive said:

Even if some doubt the success of Disney Plus, that doesn’t stop the company from becoming a strong competitor to companies like Netflix. Disney’s strategy is smart in terms of pricing, content, bundling, etc.

On the first day of operation, Disney Plus is reported to have successfully attracted more than 10 million users. Previously launched a variety of marketing promotion, obviously credit. Disney is also partnering with Verizon to provide free Disney Plus subscription access to all FIOS and Unlimited Tier customers.

It’s important to note that Apptopia only tracks data from mobile platforms, so it’s not possible to determine how many people are registered in other ways in the end.

Finally, Apptopia data shows that Disney bundles, including Disney Plus/ Hulu/ESPN Plus subscriptions, are also popular with consumers.

In the past two weeks, Hulu App downloads have increased by 55%, while ESPN App downloads have increased by 50%. While it’s too early to identify Disney Plus as a ‘Netflix killer’, at least it has managed to gain a foothold in the streaming market.

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