Reported that Samsung may introduce new QNED technology into QD-OLED product line

As ETNews reports, Samsung is not only working on quantum dot OLED display solutions (starting in the first quarter of 2021), but also has the potential to integrate quantum dots with Micro-LED technology to launch smart TVs using micro-blu-ray quantum dot (QNED) technology. Previously, Samsung had used Micro-LED to look ahead to building displays without typical LIQUID crystal filters, although the existing production costs were too high. Because manufacturers need millions of Micro-LEDs to design the perfect RGB sub-pixel grid.

Reported that Samsung may introduce new QNED technology into QD-OLED product line

(From: Samsung, via Digital Fernsehen)

But with the addition of QNED technology, Samsung is expected to significantly reduce production costs by using blue light-emitting diode components. The difficulty with this technique, however, is that light pixels are perfectly converted into accurate RGB color information through quantum dots.

A few years ago, quantum dot maker Nanosys announced the feasibility of intermediate steps to improve image quality based on proven LED LCD technology and top-level quantum dot filters, but it was apparently rejected by Samsung.

A few weeks ago, Samsung announced that it would launch next-generation display technology in 2025, promising perfect pixel optical control. Starting in the first quarter of 2021, the next generation of panels is expected to produce up to 30,000 pieces per month.

It will combine Blu-ray OLED with quantum dot technology and be used in luminescent elements. Industry insiders say the displays will be sold under the name QD.

If all goes well, the QNED display will one day replace the QD OLED display, gradually improving the effective HDR color output with a service life.

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