BMW rings the bell of death: i3 REx ‘has no future’

According tomedia reports, although the electric car market is now growing, but as things stand, its sales are still not optimistic, especially in the first few years of this century, the type of car sales are worse, so some car manufacturers in their cars installed range increasers to ensure that there is a Plan B for them to use. The BMW i3 REx is one of the B plans.

BMW rings the bell of death: i3 REx 'has no future'

BMW is understood to think the car has come to an end, ringing its death bell at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show. The carmaker said the i3 REx had “no future” – according to Jan Freimann, manager of BMW’s connected electric vehicle division.

At the auto show, Freimann pointed out that lithium-ion battery technology was advanced enough to exclude extenders. Although electric vehicles are still in their infancy in general, electric vehicle charging networks have been developed in recent years, helping consumers to travel.

For now, the i3 REx has been discontinued in Europe, but BMW has suggested in the past that the range model is still available in some markets, such as the US. Although BMW has not yet completely shut down the car, the German carmaker has made it clear that it will not invest any more technology or money in it.

The regular BMW i3 is now doing much better than it did when it debuted. Today, it is equipped with a 42.2 kWh lithium-ion battery that allows drivers to travel about 153 miles. When the electric car was first launched in 2014, its battery power was only half what it is today, with a range of 81 miles. This makes REx very attractive, with a combined range of 150 miles.

Now, however, while BMW has confirmed that the new i3 REx will be available in the future, no significant improvements are expected. Instead, the i3 will get another battery update in the short term.

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