Peanut Shell 5.1 for Windows Release Joins UDP Forwarding

Berytech has launched The Peanut Shell Windows 5.1 version, which adds support for UDP forwarding protocols, new password access restrictions, and newly designed app types. The UDP Forwarding Protocol (User Datagram Protocol) is a non-connected protocol, that is, no connection is required before sending data, compared with TCP protocol has the characteristics of simple, fast transmission speed, and so on, currently mainly used in video transmission, online games, live broadcast and other high-bandwidth transmission areas.

Peanut Shell 5.1 for Windows Release Joins UDP Forwarding

I. Support for UDP protocol

Peanut Shell 5.1 for Windows Release Joins UDP Forwarding

Previous versions do not support the UDP protocol, so that many users using peanut shell regret, many users to the peanut shell research and development team feedback, hope that peanut shell to achieve UDP forwarding function. The new version of Peanut Shell Windows 5.1 introduced this feature, but also to meet the needs of the vast number of users.

The release of the Peanut Shell Windows 5.1 version, in addition to the new support for UDP functionality, also brings an important update.

Second, HTTP mapping supports password access restrictions

Previous version of peanut shell does not support password access restrictions, only need to click on the shell domain name can be implemented to access the user’s built-in intranet services, such schemes in terms of security, vulnerable to malicious intrusion by lawless elements, affecting data security.

Peanut Shell 5.1 for Windows Release Joins UDP Forwarding

Therefore, peanut shell version 5.1 in the security aspect, support users to build their own HTTP service map password encryption, to ensure that their own intranet service only through password sharing people know, this will greatly reduce the probability of security and privacy issues.

Third, the new application type division

Peanut Shell 5.1 version of the previous application type has been reclassified, peanut shell 5.0 application type is universal application, HTTP, HTTPS. The version of Peanut Shell 5.1 eliminates the general application and changes to TCP and UDP, TCP will no longer support web access, which is required to use HTTP or HTTPS services.

Peanut Shell 5.1 for Windows Release Joins UDP Forwarding

Previous universal applications were often used for a variety of purposes, including the web and so on, although convenient for users, but the mapping type is complex, not conducive to server security filtering, in the event of problems easy to affect other mapping. As a result, Peanut Shell 5.1 brings a clearer, cleaner, more organized interface that allows users to see what services they use at a glance.

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Peanut shell is the first batch of domestic users with tens of millions of internal net penetration service providers. At present, the independent research and development of peanut shell software and peanut sticks, peanut shell boxes and other hardware. The intranet penetration service can also be achieved without the need for public-net IP. Supports operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Raspberry Pi, iOS, and can be managed remotely via iPhone, Android App or WeChat. Peanut shells are widely used in WeChat public number, small programs, HTTPS mapping, Taobao collection system, video surveillance, remote sensing mapping, FTP, enterprise OA and other applications.

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