New York City passes scented e-cigarette ban to go into effect from July 2020

Comprehensive reports, local time on the 26th, the New York City Council by 42 votes to 2, passed a ban on scented e-cigarettes resolution. Young people who use e-cigarettes have increased rapidly in recent years, and lawmakers who support the bill say they are protecting young people who use e-cigarettes, the Associated Press reported. Democratic City Councilman Mark Levine says there is no other obligation that is more important than protecting children’s health.

New York City passes scented e-cigarette ban to go into effect from July 2020

E-cigarette supporters protested by sending money from the balcony of the venue after the ban was passed. There are also fears that many people will return to traditional cigarettes when scented e-cigarettes are banned.

At stores in Manhattan, New York, it is reported that store owners still account for 75 percent of their business, even though they have reduced their stock of scented e-cigarettes. Under the new law, shopkeepers could face fines of at least $1,000 for selling scented e-cigarettes.

According to the latest figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2,200 people in the United States are being treated for e-cigarette-related diseases, 47 of whom have died.

The ban on scented e-cigarettes, which will take effect in New York City on July 1, 2020, is expected to face legal challenges.

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