Fantastic Four 2015 director: It’s traumatic for me

“Fantastic Four” 2015 is often regarded as the “worst” superhero movie of all time, and director Josh Trank recently said he supported the IP reboot, hinting at some uncontrollable conditions during the shoot.

Fantastic Four 2015 director: It's traumatic for me

Josh Trank

Trank first vaguely expressed that “Fantastic Four 2015” was really rotten and should not exist at all, saying, “If I go to search for ‘Fantastic Four 2015’, nothing will be great.” He even said: “I haven’t seen it since two weeks before it was shown because it was so traumatic for me. “

Fantastic Four 2015 director: It's traumatic for me

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He then said there was a conflict of views between the two, suspected of implying that he was at odds with the producer’s philosophy, but quickly clarified that there would be no “directorial editing” like Zack Snyder’s “Justice League.” “I hope Peyton Reed’s next “Fantastic Four” will beat me hard. I’ll be guest in the reboot. Trank said.

Fantastic Four 2015 is the second film of Josh Trank’s career as a director, and his current focus is on the mafia biopic “Fonso” starring Tom Hardy. At this year’s SDCC show, Marvel’s president, Kevin Ferc, announced that “Fantastic Four” would be rebooted, but not in Marvel’s fourth phase of planning, viewers will see at least 2022.

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